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Olive Oil Mill: the treasure chest of our tradition

In Montecchio

25 km from Orvieto,
where magic is born.

The history of Frantoio Bartolomei, the first in Montecchio, dates back to 1800 when our great-grandparents, already dedicated to agriculture, began to devote themselves to the cultivation of olives and the production of Bartolomei Extra Virgin.

Now it is we Carla, Rita and Pierluigi who carry on the work of our ancestors with the same passion. Il Frantoio is the heart of our family and among the olive groves owned by the Bartolomei family, we put the wisdom handed down to good use.Our oil is really good because we do our job not only with an excellent raw material but above all because we put our heart into it. it’s love.

The tasting here is a sacred rite and also a source of pride for the fruit of our work and our hopes.

You can come and visit us for an experience. It depends on the time of year, but you can watch the olive harvest or their processing, to finally see the wonderful fresh and fragrant green nectar gushing out.

You can visit our olive groves on a walk or on a quad bike, discover the history of the pear tree and discover the ancient history of Montecchio, our village perched on the Apennines. They liked the place so much that many asked us to be able to create their events at the Frantoio and now we are organized and equipped in this sense too.